The County Community Foundation is a link between caring community members and local causes that matter.

We approach our activities from these three perspectives: Philanthropy, especially through community foundations, which has proven a powerful catalyst for strengthening communities in Canada and around the world; Visionary Leadership which welcomes innovative approaches, builds on strengths and inclusiveness and takes appropriate risks; and Collaborative Relationships among members, volunteers, staff and other organizations with respect for independence and diversity as well as the sharing of ideas through dialogue and understanding. Through these open and accountable practices reflecting the highest performance standards, we are committed to helping to make a difference in Prince Edward County.

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Why the Hummingbird?

hummingbirdHummingbirds are very small, but their hearts beat strong and fast. Many species of plants depend upon the hummingbird for pollination. In some cultures, they are a symbol of energy, vigour, and willingness to do work. In others, the hummingbird is thought to have magical powers - bring fire to the people or finding ways to fulfill desires. And in still others, they are a symbol of regeneration and rebirth. Even though they might dash off to warmer climates in the winter for a bit, they always come back to the County.
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Wednesday, January 18
Quinte Business Achievement Award Nominee
We are pleased to announce that we have accepted our nomination for the Quinte Business Achievement Award for a Not-for-Profit organization. This ...Full Story
Friday, September 9
Grants Committee Members Being Sought
GRANTS COMMITTEE MEMBERS BEING SOUGHT The County Community Foundation is seeking citizens willing to become part of a pool of Grants Committee ...Full Story
Wednesday, July 13


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