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Vital Signs Report, 2013


The County Foundation (TCF) has launched its first Vital Signs report. The TCF joined 25 other community foundations and Community Foundations of Canada in making this community snapshot public. Containing vital information about the County's strengths and challenges, Prince Edward County's Vital Signs report is a platform for discussion and action. More sources were consulted for Vital Signs than are referred to in our report. For a complete list of sources, click here.

You can also read Community Foundations of Canada's national Vital Signs report: Fertile Ground: Sowing the Seeds of Change in Canada's Food System. Click here to read about it at Vital Signs Canada.

Vital Signs Moving Forward Together

Vital Signs 2015 Progress Report


TCF published a Vital Signs Progress Report in 2015, on Vital Signs Actions. The Report tells you about what the Working Groups have accomplished and where we are heading. It provides new data and community feedback. And it describes the projects underway in all three areas, as well as opportunities for volunteers to get involved and ways to support project funding. It is indeed a tribute to the continuing dedication and work of all the organisations and individuals stepping up to move things forward in concrete and lasting ways.

A Call to Action

You can get involved! VOLUNTEER: Projects such as “Fresh for All”, Community Gardens, volunteer driving and learning programs all depend on community volunteers. EXPLORE: Find out about new and updated sources of information on services available now, such as transportation. PROVIDE FUNDING: TCF offers many ways for you to make a financial contribution to keep these projects moving forward. TCF will remain closely involved with Vital Signs actions. We will continue to work with the community on these and other collaborative projects and encourage philanthropic support for actions aimed at making a real difference both now and in the future of our community. Our PEC Fund will continue to support community organisation s which make substantial contributions to our community's well-being.